SoHo Aegis Alarm Kit

WIFI + GSM Home Alarm Kit

Protect your home and prevent any crime as it happens with the Wireless SoHo Aegis Alarm Kit which supports GSM Sim Card and WIFI Connection . Up to 199 sensors can be connected to the kit to give you complete peace of mind and cover every corner of your home. Alarm kit connects to the sensors wirelessly and is operated through the SoHo by Vantage app or the Main Panel/ Remote directly. All notifications from the sensors, in case of any intrusion or breach is received in real time on the app. If GSM sim card is installed, automatic dialing to emergency numbers is activated which gives an SOS message. The main panel has an inbuilt 80db Siren which is triggered to raise loud alarm! The kit comes with the Main Panel, 1x PIR Motion Sensor, 1 x Door Contact Sensor, Remotes along with other accessories. Multiple other sensors like Glass Break Sensor, Vibration Sensor, Smoke Detector, Gas Leak Detectors can be added and other accessories such as Outdoor and Indoor Sirens, WIFI Signal Extender are available to cover all types of homes or offices. The SoHo Aegis Alarm kit also can be used with SoHo Cameras for special applications using rules and scenarios such as if alarm is triggered, the SoHo Cuboid Pan Tilt indoor camera to switch on AI motion tracking automatically which makes the whole system smarter and more secure!




  • Managed effortlessly by our App – All features and functionalities are managed by the SoHo by Vantage App easily. You can arm/disarm, set up sensors, name sensors as per areas, receive notifications all through the app.
  • Up to 99 Zones and 199 Sensors can be added– You can create 99 zones for different areas of your home/office and add up to 199 sensors. Any sensors with 433Mhz frequency can be added to our Main Panel wirelessly. Multiple sensors such as Motion, Door Contact, Glass break, Smoke Detector, Water Leak Detector, Gas Leak Detector, and others can be added as per individual need. All types of sensors and accessories are available with us at extra cost.
  • Battery Powered Sensors – The wireless sensors have a long battery life of up to 8 to 12 months depending on usage. Alert for low battery is received on the sensor through blinking LED as well as the SoHo App and Main Panel.
  • Supports GSM and WIFI Connectivity – The main panel connects to your home WIFI and uses that to send live notifications to the SoHo by Vantage App. GSM Sim card option is also available to make it extra secure. Activated GSM card can be inserted into the panel which will automatically start dialing any emergency number to notify them with an emergency SOS message, in case the alarm is triggered.
  • Inbuilt Siren and supports external Siren –  The main panel has an inbuilt 80db Siren which is activated as soon as any sensor triggers alarm, external sirens can be added extra for outdoor or indoor also.
  • Battery Backup –  The main panels has inbuilt battery backup for up to 2-4 hours in case the power supply is removed and will immediately give notification on the App to keep you always aware and secure.
  • Smart Scenario Setup –When using SoHo Aegis Alarm kit with SoHo Cameras, special rules can be setup so that the camera and alarms work together smarter, such as if alarm is triggered the motion tracking will be activated or some other features can be activated as desired.
  • Anti-Tamper Alarm and Low Battery Alarm – In case of any tampering attempt with Main Panel or any Sensors immediate SOS Alarm will be raised on the SoHo by Vantage App


*If you require Installation services we can assist you, kindly contact us through our Contact Us page or email us on [email protected]

13 reviews for SoHo Aegis Alarm Kit

  1. Jason Mohanty

    nice alarm system, i use it regularly now. works well

  2. Mohammed Al Jasmi

    good products-using the cams and installed alarm kit 2 days ago

  3. Petros Spiridon

    works well 👍🏼👍🏼

  4. Norman Liam

    i used ring alarm before, this is much easier and better features and more sensors can be added. im using 18 sensors in my villa. false alarm is not an issue with this one as much

  5. Mark Fuller

    Easy to use and set up home alarm kit with 2 sensors included and i bought some more PI motion sensors , door contact sensors and few smoke detectors as well for my villa security. app notification is almost instant and hooter siren has decent sound level

  6. Shahji S

    Easy to install alarm kit for home. Haven’t used gsm feature yet but app notification is instant incase of alarm

  7. Good Products for home safety

    Jamila Mehmood

  8. Mohhamad Moosa

    simple and effective security alarm kit for home use. range of sensors is very good

  9. Marco Saleem

    probably one of the best home security system i have used.

  10. Shyam Karia

    thanks for the good cusotmer support to set it up. impressive alarm system

  11. Njood Alshahrani

    bets alarm system that we have used so far

  12. Liam Baynham

    excellent alarm system for home use. you need to add some more free sensors with the kit!

  13. Mamun Eesa

    excellent product and many different types of sensors we got for vibration detection, smoke detection etc. form Vantage security company.

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