Effective CCTV Camera Placement Guide: Maximize Security Coverage

When it comes to safeguarding your property, strategic placement of CCTV cameras plays a pivotal role in ensuring comprehensive surveillance. Discover the optimal positions and considerations for placing CCTV cameras to maximize your security coverage.

  1. Entry and Exit Points:

Strategically placing cameras at entry and exit points, such as doors and gates, is crucial. These locations serve as primary access points for intruders. By positioning cameras here, you ensure clear footage of individuals entering or leaving your property.

  1. Perimeter Surveillance:

Covering the perimeter of your property with cameras is essential for detecting any suspicious activities along boundaries. This involves placing cameras strategically along fences, walls, or other property lines.

  1. High-Traffic Areas:

Areas with high foot traffic, such as hallways, corridors, or common gathering spots, benefit from camera coverage. It helps monitor movements and interactions, potentially identifying unusual behaviour.

  1. Blind Spots Coverage:

Identifying blind spots, areas not adequately covered by existing cameras, is critical. These spots can be obscured from view due to obstacles or poor placement. Placing cameras strategically to eliminate these blind spots ensures comprehensive coverage.

  1. Critical Assets Protection:

Specific areas housing important assets or valuables should have dedicated camera coverage. Whether it’s a safe, storage room, or display area, cameras here help in closely monitoring and protecting these assets.

  1. Height and Angle:

Adjusting the height and angle of cameras is crucial for optimal coverage. Cameras should be positioned to capture the widest possible view without obstructions, ensuring maximum surveillance range.

  1. Lighting Conditions:

Consider different lighting conditions when placing cameras. Proper illumination is necessary for clear footage, especially in low-light environments. Cameras should be positioned to minimize glare or darkness that might affect visibility.

  1. Remote Viewing Accessibility:

Position cameras with remote viewing in mind, ensuring they’re accessible from remote locations via apps or online platforms. This facilitates easy monitoring even when you’re away from the property.


Strategic CCTV camera placement is indispensable for a robust security system. Whether it’s monitoring entry points, covering blind spots, or safeguarding valuable assets, the placement determines the effectiveness of surveillance.

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